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Kids in her class do not make fun of her due to her friendship with John. Pignati treats him like a baby, calling him sweetly, tossing him peanuts, and crooning, "Bobo essay a peanut?

He begins to take on the role of a parental figure for the two teenagers, something neither of them have.

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When he finally died, his death was a loss to the kids, but not to himself, because he had been unhappy. Losing someone who you are close to or even someone you just know can take a toll on any individual.

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Finally, John and Lorraine are pressured into having a party at the house. The beginning of the book tells about John and Lorraine being pressured into prank calling the phone number that ends up being Mr. Pignati's house in hopes of finding valuables and destroys Conchetta's collection of porcelain pigswhich Mr.

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Then she raised her arm and slapped me once across the face. The loss of their friend and watching him die was a huge traumatic experience for them, whether they acknowledge it or not.

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This is shown when Lorraine states, "She came towards me, and I backed away until I was cornered by the wall. The situation quickly turns into a drunken, boisterous party with a lot more people than the two anticipated. When she and John later on go to visit him after their scheme of collecting money for charity, Lorraine has the same feeling of guilt.

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Lorraine's mother - She is critical of her daughter, accuses her of being fat, and constantly tells her "you're not a pretty girl, Lorraine.