Materials used in maxillofacial prosthesis Materials in maxillofacial prosthetics

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Surgical reconstruction alloplastic implantable material. Abstract The increase in research in various maxillo-facial materials is due to increase in the prevalence of oral cancer.

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Available as one or two component putty. It is not heavily filled, making it translucent.

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Platinum acts as a catalyst; the cross-linking agent is hydro-methylsiloxane. InPierre Fauchard used the perforations in the palate to retain artificial dentures.

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In Ottofy, Baird, and Baker [2] used black vulcanite rubber. The inability of the prosthesis to duplicate the full facial movement of the nondefective side.

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Over a period of 3 years topatients with dentofacial deformities who had undergone orthognathic They are color stable, biologically inert, thesis defence presentation tips edge strength, and difficult to color. This article provides the evolution, current trends, and future requirements in maxillofacial materials for ensuring psychological well-being.

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Silicone block copolymers are also being evaluated. He concluded that all the silicones exhibited good color stability especially Silastic Volume is increased by as much as sevenfold the purpose is to reduce the weight of the prosthesis.

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Chemical and environmental stability. Report of one case.

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These silicones require advanced equipment for processing and have better physical properties.