Free essay about u.s. involvement in vietnam war American Involvement in The Vietnam War

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John Whiteclay Chambers II. SparkNote on The Vietnam War In conclusion, although there are some major differences between the two conflicts one fact can be seen very clearly.

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US policy now had to be more globally and militarily prepared to stop communism from spreading in Asia countries and even the world. Notably, communism was being criticized because it contradicts the principles of democracy.

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Furthermore, as the US sent troops, advisors, and war thesis plural form, they needed many things to take with themselves such as money, weapons, food, and other requirements to stay in the Vietnam for a long time.

The military was at the mercy of politicians who knew very little about what needed to be done militarily in order to win the war.

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Marshall aid was offered to many countries including communist ones. Another reason for the continued active participation of U. Johnson, declared the war on North Vietnam, fully aware of the courses of action they were taking.

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